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Described as a "Web utility for drawing and comparing orienteering routes".

It enables competitors to draw and compare their routes. RouteGadget not only shows the routes, but when linked with electronic punch results, it allows the race to be replayed, even simulating a mass start. You will actually see little squares run across the map.

It really adds another dimension to post-race analysis.

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The Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon, a Two-Day Mountain Competition
for Pairs with Overnight Campsite

BEN CRUACHAN 9th/10th June 2012

Map of the area used

Plot your route or view courses & routes already plotted

Day 1 Linear courses

Day 1 Score course

Day 2 Linear courses

Day 2 Score course

Score course control cards (PDF), so you can see the points values per control, which I forgot to put on the background maps.

Menu of all days & previous years

For information, when comparing how long your actual plotted route was, 75 pixels = 1km. So if your Route length (in pixels), shown in the window top right was 3146 pixels divide by 75 = 41.95km

Select the course you want to view from the drop down menu and then select the name, then the "View routes" button at the bottom of the page, you can select up to 10 at a time. Click and drag the map to show the area where the course is or use the Zoom +/- buttons on the right side of the screen to show a larger area.

Score courses. You can select teams and view the control sequence they punched, but if you view more than one it can get very messy with lines everywhere. So best to only pick 1 or 2 at a time. Once a route has been plotted (* next to the name) you can select several at a time, but it is best then to un-tick the "Course on/off" button. You will then just see the coloured lines for each team.

Drawing your route

Detailed instructions on how to draw a route (you might want to open this link in a new tab/window so you can see both). Note: The + 3 sec button actually adds 30 secs due to an adjustment to speed up the animation on long events compared to orienteering.

If you have any problems contact me (Paul Frost)


Whilst full function GPS units are banned, you could have carried a black box GPS logger with you, but I am afraid you will not be able to upload your route from it. The problem is that RouteGadget was designed for orienteering events, when the time/distance involved would be a couple of hours or so for most people, so it can't cope with 7 hours of data.

LAMM home page

RouteGadget UK home page


RouteGadget requires Java to work, this is usually installed on most computers by default (some corporate networks may not have it though). Most issues of the map not displaying or freezing are resolved by restarting your web browser or trying a different one. More help with Java here.

The animation option may not work on Apple Mac's, a recent update seems to have broken this functionality.

You can test if your Java is installed and working correctly at the Java test page, or get more info about Java.


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